Leading marketing into the age of AI.

With over 30 years of experience and patent-pending machine-learning technology built specifically for marketing, Ryalinks is bringing the power of artificial intelligence to savvy brands across the globe.

Key Data Sources and Strategic Partners

We partner with data providers, complementary service providers, and agencies to gather billions of data-points that can paint a complete picture.

Artificial Intelligence

Our data-fusion technology combines billions of data points to generate powerful insights and action points. The more data the better.

Decades of Marketing
and AI Experience

Ryalinks is backed by leading experts in data science, artificial intelligence, and marketing strategy. We know how to turn data into opportunity.

Real-time Customer Scoring

High frequency learning scores prospects, customers, and guests in real-time.

Model Trends

Discover patterns in customer behavior not visible with traditional intelligence.

Pinpoint Segmentation

Combine multiple dimensions of data for incredibly accurate targeting.

Predict Customer Behaviors

Understand and forecast which prospects will act and when.

Cost-Sensitive Activations

Cost-sensitive activation delivers results at scale and within budget.

Estimate Revenue

Accurately predict revenue generated from campaigns.

“The secret to Ryalinks technology is true intelligence. Our solutions don’t just analyze data, they continuously learn from the data and get smarter and smarter about your business along the way.”



Our deep experience and flexible technology make Ryalinks a perfect fit for everything from billion-dollar industries to niche verticals.

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